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earstage was founded in 2006.

Martin Duffy

MARTIN DUFFY has extensive experience as a film editor, a writer, a script analyst, and a director.
He has directed three feature films,
The Boy from Mercury, The Bumblebee Flies Anyway and The Testimony of Taliesin Jones

His experience as film-editor spans over two decades of Irish national television.  He has written several books, and now lives in Berlin, Germany.  In addition, Martin has written and directed a number of radio plays for RTE, Ireland. 

More info on Martin can be found on his personal website and at IMDB.

"The Apollo A Film For Radio" part of the Dark Sense Series, was written and directed by Martin Duffy.

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  Jared Gniewek




JARED GNIEWEK is a New York City based author and editor of short fiction, comic book and radio scripts.

He recently wrote the script for the story, "Kid Tested, Mother Approved" in the fifth issue of Tales from the Crypt (published in March of 2008, reprinted in Tales from the Crypt Graphic Novel 3: Zombilicious).

He previously worked as a percussion technician at Carroll Musical Instrument Rentals in New York and was the caretaker of some of the oldest percussion foley equipment still in use.

He also writes radio plays for Audio Movies, writes comic reviews for GraphicNYC and about his writing for Sequential Art Collective.

He maintained wind machines, lion's roars, and roller coaster track sounds among many others built by one of the great innovators in the field, Mr. Carroll Bratman. This environment inspired and moved him to learn more about audio storytelling and when earstage called looking for a horror script, he was quick to answer. He also coordinated the music for the piece, which consisted of a jazz arrangement for piano and pump harmonium written and performed by Mr. Allan Baker.

As if that wasn't enough...Jared is also an avid Karaoke fan check out his "Scary-Oke" website here!

"Surrounded by Monsters" part of the Dark Sense Series ,was written by Jared Gniewek.

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Brett Vanderburg





BRETT VANDERBURG is a writer and voice actor from California. His unique dry wit is well showcased in his various essays and scripts, but even after years of writing, he still struggles to overcome his modesty when it comes to writing a bio. This may be all for the best, as genius such as his is not well summarized in a few lines on a website.
You can read Brett's blog about the trials and trivialities of being a lone wolf in the English teaching world here.

Brett is the author and director of the "Dollar Short" Series.

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 Torsten Brandes



TORSTEN BRANDES studied composition with Friedrich Deckner as well as Professor Peter Michael Riehm. He is a high school music teacher at the Rudolf Steiner School, Schloss Hamborn.

In 2003 he founded the "Ensemble for New Music Schloss Hamborn"

He has done commissioned work for various ensembles, choirs and orchestra compositions, chamber music, songs and a multitude of work for school productions.

He received the "
Preis der Stiftung der Vereinigten Volks und Raiffeisenbanken" twice.

Torsten wrote the score to "Architect of Fear"




Kay Poppe is the owner of the Hamburg based sound studio fx:one Audio-Produktionen.  In the last 10 years he was responsible for the realization of countless radio plays and readings.
He has worked with numerous well known radio play directors like Sven Stricker, Ulrich Lampen or Walter Adler.

Over the years many of the productions Kay has been involved in won awards like
Deutscher Hörbuchpreis in 2007 and 2009 and a nomination for 2010, Public Award "Hörspielkino unterm Sternenhimmel 2003", Hörspiel-Awards in 2002, 2004 and 2006 to name a few.
Kay Poppe also works in the field of feature films, commercials and music.

For earstage he edited and mixed “The Thinking Machine - The Problem of Cell 13”.

MICHAEL WAALER graduated from the London College of Printing and Distributive Trades with a BA in Film and Video.

He lives in Hamburg, Germany and primarily translates graphic Novels, Manga and computer games. He has also written the manga A Kiss from the Dark, which was serialised in DAISUKI magazine and is to be published by Carlsen Verlag in March 2010.

He sat on the jury of Leipzig Book Fair's Manga Talent Competition 2009 and has also been involved in several short films.  

He is currently working on volume 2 of A Kiss from the Dark.

He co-directed "Surrounded by Monsters" part of the Dark Sense series. 

     Kay Poppe









  Rebecca Garron










Jeremiah Costello





FRIEDRICH KLEMME is the co-owner of t-recs studios, a computer game localization company based in Germany. He studied audio- and video-engineering at the Rober-Schuman-Hochschule and Fachhochschule Düsseldorf.

He was the sound designer for "The Apollo A Film For Radio" part of the Dark Sense Series.

   Friedrich Klemme













   Dirk Schacht

     Michel Waaler


    Jonathan Guss

JONATHAN GUSS, a native of New York City, has enjoyed a diverse career as a singer, actor, voice-over artist, director, and concert producer. Currently a resident of Hamburg, Germany, he has worked there with Hamburg’s English Alternative Theater and the Rover Rep Theatre, directing such plays as Later Life, Love Letters, and Parallel Lives, as well as acting in numerous productions with these companies. He also performed several roles in the Hamburg production of Phantom of the Opera, and has served as Artistic Director of the concert series, Musiker vom Phantom der Oper Singen für Kinder in Not, and the Egypt in Opera concert series at the Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst in Munich.

As a voice-over artist, his flexible bass voice is in great demand for documentaries, audio plays, video games, feature films, and industrial films, working in both English and German.

As a singer, his career has included many years as a regular member of the New York City Opera company, where he appeared in operas, operettas and musicals at Lincoln Center and on tour in the U.S. and Asia. He also performed often with the New York-based Ensemble for Early Music, including performances at the Brisbane Biennial festival in Australia, and has worked as a cantor in many New York area synagogues.

 He is currently on the voice faculty of the Stage School Hamburg, and the guest faculty of the Freie Schauspielschule Hamburg.

Jonathan starred in and directed The Thinking Machine - The Case of Cell 13

Dirk composed the music for "The Apollo A Film For Radio" part of the Dark Sense Series.

JEREMIAH COSTELLO is the founder and Artistic Director of earstage.com as well as co-owner of t-recs studios, a computer game localization company based in Germany.

He hails from Rochester New York and has been living on and off in Europe for the last 9 years. 

Jeremiah studied acting at Nazareth College in Rochester New York as well as Theater Arts at the State University of New York at Binghamton.  Additionally, he studied film at the
Hochschule für bildende Künste [HFBK], the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg, Germany.

He works as a voice actor and director for radio plays and computer games.

Jeremiah wrote and directed "The Architect of Fear".

After studying English and German Literature and Philosophy, Rebecca studied classical singing and acting. She has been working in Hamburg for the past 10 years as an actor, director, voice-over artist and translator.

Her work in both the English and German language theater includes internships with Center Stage in Baltimore and Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin, and she has served as assistant director with the Shakespeare Co. Berlin.

Rebecca is also the founder and Artistic Director of The Rover Rep Theatre, a professional English-language theater in the heart of Hamburg which produces contemporary English-language drama performed by native-speaking artists resident in Germany.

Rebecca co-directed "The Thinking Machine-The Problem of Cell 13"

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